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WAKENING, Scotch law. The revival of an action.
     2. An action is said to sleep, when it lies over, not insisted on for a year in which case it is suspended. 4, t. 1, n. 33. With us a revival is by scire facias. (q.v.)

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The experimenter scored agreement scored if both parents stated the same number of wakening for that night.
When despite it all the sap and strengthening sun plays conjuring tricks with a band of wakening young leaves and the massed ranks of bluebells sing their resounding song
He said the ship no longer started its engines at 5am, wakening him and his wife Christine, 43.
A similar wakening was occurring in cities around neighborhood gardens scratched into back alleys and abandoned lots.
Camellia herself is out of place, yet this alien land provides the dramatic backdrop for her wakening, as she discovers deep reservoirs of strength and wisdom.
Belfast Crown Court heard the victims were only saved "by some good luck" when 31-year-old Roy Martin Kerr set himself alight and screamed in agony, wakening the family.
For example, he may have wondered why I was up with him so early on Saturday, bathing him, dressing him, feeding him - and stopping him from wakening his mum.
But the very fact he is wakening an interest, making people notice, means he has already achieved something.