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Zuma was co-founded by Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney in 2002.
There's a lot of emotion around these games and I'm sure Waney will have his crew ready as he always does and he'll be as excited about the game as I am.
PETER WANEY is what is referred to as a lucky owner, and the streak continued with Tishtar becoming the latest flying two-year-old to carry his distinctive light and dark blue colours.
Holdsworth's lawyers say they have new evidence, including from neuropathologist Dr Waney Squier, suggesting a miscarriage of justice.
Jonathan, 35, works in oak, ash, beech, cherry, maple, sycamore and walnut and though he can adapt to any contemporary design he specialises in the rustic looking Waney Edge furniture.
Speaking at the Edinburgh event to which the group was not invited, Waney Squier, a paediatric neuropathologist, said, ``It's clearly not an established diagnosis.
But neuropathologist Dr Waney Squier, 55, called by Tina McLeod's defence, stated: "In order to shake a one-year-old sufficiently to cause his head to flop would be extremely difficult.
The evidence came from Dr Waney Squier, a consultant neuropathologist, who told the appeal judges that since the trial new research had changed the concept of how these injuries could occur and the amount of violence needed.
Tree species with minimum taper, such as yellow poplar, produce fewer waney boards in the sawmill.
I have never seen Waney [Wigan coach Shaun Wane] as mad as he was at the start of the week," admitted Manfredi.
Ideally, you wouldn't want to play them all together, but Waney at Wigan and Browny at Saints have been forced to do it this year and they've done alright.