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DEPARTMENT OF WAR, government. The act of August 7, 1789, 1 Story's Laws, 31, creates an executive department, to be denominated the department of war; and there shall be a principal officer therein, to be called the secretary for the department of war. (q.v.).
     2. There shall be in the said department, an inferior officer, to be appointed by the secretary, to be employed therein, and to be called the chief clerk in the department of war, and who, whenever the said principal officer shall be removed by the president, or in any other case of vacancy, shall, during such vacancy, have the charge and custody of all records, books, and papers, appertaining to the said department. Id.

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Furthermore, the weaponization and use of biological agents by the Japanese in China and the development of similar weapons in Germany prompted the War Department to initiate the development of America's biological research program under the CWS.
It ought to be a source of great satisfaction to you that as a result of your investigations the suggestions which you made to the War Department are being carried out .
As historian David Heidler (2003, 517) notes, "James Monroe and his war department emerged from the congressional controversy virtually untouched by criticism.
MI evolved into a full-fledged member of the War Department General Staff.
A scrapbook of Lincoln's speeches, above, and a poster, right, offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of his assassin, issued by the War Department on April 20, 1865, are among items on view at the Huntington Library.
In August, a further regulation of the War Department established a Topographical Bureau in the Engineer Department.
Jobs were being offered as civilian crewmen with the War Department Fleet at Plymouth, on the High Speed Target Towing boats.
Nothing to do with the EastEnders character, this Oscar-nominated drama is set in America during the 1920s, and follows a general who takes on the might of the War Department, claiming it denies his men the equipment they desperately need.
In September, following the Chief of Staff's approval of the recommendation that the Infantry School of Arms be removed from Fort Sill, orders were issued by the War Department on September 12 which directed the transfer of the school to Columbus.
There was the War Department, the Army and the Navy, but no DOD, JCS, or separate US Air Force
Missing in action" is all they heard from the War Department.
The practice became official when War Department General Order 19, dated Feb.