war of words

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The young man much resented this directness of attack, and in the war of words which followed when they met he did not scruple publicly to insult Mr Clare, without respect for his gray hairs.
With the shrewdness that usually accompanies malice, Amelie Thirion had noticed, analyzed, and mentally commented on the extreme preoccupation of Ginevra's mind, which prevented her from even hearing the bitterly polite war of words of which she was the object.
Dow said: 'I have a few things to say on this but I don't think conducting a war of words in the papers is the correct way to deal with it.
TOTTENHAM caretaker manager David Pleat has reportedly continued his war of words with former boss Glenn Hoddle.
O'Leary has been involved in a running war of words with Leeds chairman Peter Ridsdale since his sacking in June 2002.
This year, the shadow of war hangs over the Middle East as America and - to a lesser degree - Britain conduct a war of words against Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
A bitter war of words broke out last night between Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and his ex-wife Margaret after she claimed he tried to stop her writing a book about their marriage.
This prompts a fierce war of words between The Super and Haiti Lady that ends with Thurgood heaving the voodoo high priestess's revered statue of Baal off the roof, sending it crashing down to the ground below.
Summary: The contest to take over the Olympic Stadium has broken out into a war of words between Tottenham and West Ham.
Let us not become sidetracked by semantics as the needs of those who suffered disappear in any war of words.
In the latest round of an escalating war of words, Antelope Valley Hospital officials last week called the city of Palmdale's pending transfer of property to LCH owner Universal Health Services to build a competing hospital in Palmdale an ``unwarranted'' gift of public funds.
The fighters had a ringside confrontation in which Gomez tried to suggest Arthur was avoiding him - a decent enough salvo in the inevitable war of words that will surely follow.