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However, when countered by Wallenberg's work as a part of a larger American effort to save Jews under the aegis of the War Refugees Board, and quite possibly as an agent of the United States' Office of Strategic Services, it makes their two stories together one of that should be told to all those interested in human rights work, foreign policy making, or simple bare knuckled courage in the face of evil.
Their sense of ethnic devaluation is not the product of recent destabilization of ethnic respectability by the arrival of Lebanese civil war refugees as in other countries but their awareness of the vulnerability of all 'difference' in nationalist politics.
After all, it was pressure from within his own administration that led him belatedly to create the War Refugee Board, which saved hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives.
As a history and analysis of international post-first World War refugee policy, it is unsurpassed.
One of the firm's most revered partners, Milton Handler, helped found the War Refugee Board in 1944, which was created in direct response to the State Department's mishandling of the rescue of the Transnistrian Jews," said Wallance.
That's because the surest route to asylum is to be a war refugee and not an economic migrant fleeing poverty.
Working with the War Refugee Board, he helped save more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, many of whom later immigrated to the United States.
His readiness to challenge Roosevelt and the State Department resulted in the creation of the War Refugee Board.
The Black Chair was carved by a Belgium craftsman,f himself a war refugee and to this day Hedd Wyn's memoryr iscommemorated in Belgium.
Killer Afrim Sinani broke out of jail in Albania and won asylum here after claiming he was a war refugee.
441) Morgenthau presented the president with a shortened but undiluted version of the indictment and a draft executive order for him to consider, creating a War Refugee Board to take operations away from Long and the State Department.
For example, the confidential report outlining American "acquiescence" in the murder of European Jewry delivered by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau to President Franklin Roosevelt in 1943 certainly contributed to FDR's decision to establish the War Refugee Board.