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Like most warez traders, the defendants are targets that members of the public can recognize as blameworthy without having to blame themselves.
But mass producers of pirated materials in Asia and elsewhere also use warez groups as suppliers, DuBose said.
In addition to serving nine search warrants, undercover agents were able to infiltrate several warez distribution organizations.
discusses pending legislation to extend copyright protection to Warez Sites.
The piracy network and distribution channels these teams operate through are complex and feed those warez sources that are publicly available.
Anything of an adult nature is automatically rejected, as are java applets; e-books; applications designed to spam the USENET; and warez, cracks, or any other hacker-type applications.
These files can now be downloaded from Web sites in the Far East and cracked copies of WindowsXP, with the protection mechanism stripped out, can be downloaded from Warez sites across the Internet.
With options such as Gnutella, Freenet, Hotline, IRC, FTP and Warez sites, Internet pirates market illegal software with ease.
Over the past several years, BSA has filed lawsuits against individuals for pirating software in an IRC channel, shut down thousands of warez web sites, and worked closely with law enforcement to promote criminal prosecutions.
Also known as the Palm Virus, PALM/Liberty, Liberty Crack, Warez.
Piracy sites already exist on the Internet, ranging from warez sites that offer free downloads of software to auction sites where unscrupulous individuals sell illegal copies of software to unsuspecting consumers," stated Dr.
Several other warez channels in addition to the warez4cable channel have been shut down in wake of the announcement.