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Measuring and controlling package warpage across the full thermal reflow profile has been standard practice for years and is seen as critically important to final product yield.
This 'preventative analysis' detects a wide range of potential manufacturing issues such as warpage, weld lines, air traps, filling issues and hot spots, while determining the optimum gating position.
ForTii drastically improves warpage yield loss and is outperforming any other polyamide as well as PPS and LCP.
There is also described the flow and warpage analysis of the injection process of the new composite.
The new resin also produces parts with lower warpage for better part alignment and increased soldering yields.
Densities of the crystalline and amorphous states are very similar, minimizing warpage.
bottom boards--Bottom boards minimize warpage as the binder finishes curing.
MPA analysis often leads to lower production costs through material savings and shorter cycle times as well as improved part quality by resolving warpage and defects such as weld lines and sink marks.
Abstract: Package-on-package (PoP) assemblies may experience warpage during package fabrication and later during surface mount assembly.
The initial Moldflow simulation of the minivan applique showed potential for warpage to leave an 11-mm gap in the middle of the panel, tapering to 2 mm at the corners.