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WARRANTEE. One to whom a warranty is made. Touchst. 181.

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Ahmad Ali, an engineer, told Gulf News that he is now happy as he feels safe from fraud since the dealers have to provide spare parts for five years and they will issue a warrantee for spare parts for six months against any defects.
o Items to be covered throughout the warrantee period free of any additional charges (transportation, technical visits etc.
One distinctive advantage to this programme: the manufacturer's warrantee remains valid after installation.
Customers should be aware that modifying graphics processor speed settings may void warrantee.
Top Notch HP (High Performance), its premium subflooring product for building environments that experience difficult weather patterns, was introduced in the mid-1990s as a better alternative to plywood, and offers a no-sand, 90-day guarantee and limited lifetime warrantee for the homeowner.
In addition, equipment managers can track purchase dates of systems and component parts to help them save money by taking advantage of manufacturers' warrantee periods.
The Warwickshire Waste Partnership is also encouraging people to look for opt-out boxes when filling in forms or warrantees, to opt out of having their names shown on the public copy of the electoral role, and to place "No Junk Mail" stickers on letterboxes.
Daphne decided to contact her insurance company Home Serve Warrantees to see if they could help.
Wading through several rows of glistening Kias, the Glendale sales manager said people craving a new car come to his lot for two reasons: attractive automobiles and awesome warrantees.
And they carry the same three-year mechanical, "no leak," and electrical warrantees.