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The inflation, not the war or revolution, terminated wartime rationing in Germany.
John and Harriet Storm can remember when wartime rationing meant women painted their legs with colored lotion for lack of hosiery, and the government decided how much each citizen was entitled to in meat, butter, gasoline and even bicycles.
Shortly afterwards, the man gave Mr Elsbury pounds 50 worth of sweets - worth a small fortune because of wartime rationing.
For brief discussions of wartime rationing, see John Mortun Blum, V was for Victory: Politics and American Culture During World War II (New York, 1976), p.
But Joan loved her time up there, making friends with a local farming family, who used to give her eggs, a precious commodity during wartime rationing, and returned to visit them for many years.
Wartime rationing, coupons and identity cards bring home the challenging realities of life on the Home Front, highlighting the important role of the local shop in the community.
LOCK-UP: OJ Simpson in prison in 1995 CUPPA CHEER: A family taking tea at the end of wartime rationing in 1952
Food and fuel bills have rocketed and a generation which was born into the shortages and wartime rationing are having to tighten their belts again at the other end of their lives.
We spoke to 92 year-old gran Ethel Booth, who recalled her wartime rationing, and research dietician Marilyn Martin.
This was an age of wartime rationing on Teesside, when ICI was simply The Works and when the average semi cost just over pounds 2,000.
Sixty years ago, however, it would have seriously damaged the reputation of Bevan if it had emerged that while his constituents were having to make do with one lamb chop a week, he was regularly driving a coach and horses through the severe restrictions imposed by wartime rationing.
Despite wartime rationing, the happy couple were lucky enough to be able to get a cake and Audrey borrowed a wedding dress.

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