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So we saw slim suits, short skirts and less silk - which was used for military parachutes - and the master of that look was Gilbert Adrian, who used very clever piecing and placement of pockets to look luxe even in wartime rationing,'' Spilker said.
Therefore, in spite of wartime rationing, farmers were allotted (allowed to buy) limited quantities of both .
Despite the book's solid contributions to the history Of wartime rationing and postwar policies, it has some serious shortcomings.
German wartime rationing succeeded because a wide range of consumers supported it.
Defying wartime rationing, the '64 quake and Alaska's rollercoaster economy, Alaska Sales and Service drove down the road to growth -- and to its 50th anniversary.
It showed Butch chewing up a book of wartime rationing stamps.
At the 1940s farm wartime rationing means the 'farmer's wife' will be cooking from the Durham Wartime Cookery Book and attempting to turn limited ingredients into tasty meals.
In 1943, wartime rationing of processed foods under a point system began in the U.
During the days of wartime rationing, people ate what they could get.
The coal industry had been nationalised, wartime rationing ended - I think many people still remember the end of sweets being rationed - and the NHS was born, which had a huge impact on the way people lived their lives.
AS RADIO and TV are increasingly over-run by inexperienced, aggressive sharp-suited whipper-snappers, it's great to see that the top Sony wireless entertainment award has gone to two old dears with a combined age of 176, whose weekly Radio Humberside show has an audience of 20,000 to hear them natter on about chicken dinners and wartime rationing.

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