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Product Sub-Category: Supply Of Reinol Paste For Washing Hands
Results: Results indicated increase in washing hands before meals behavior in the intervention phase compared to the pre-intervention phase.
Washing hands regularly is one of the ways of preventing it.
According to WHO guidelines hand washing is washing hands with plain or antimicrobial soap and water.
Employees from different departments participated to create a video, in five languages, showcasing the importance of washing hands with soap on their job and in their lives.
The main medical purpose of washing hands is to cleanse the hands of pathogens (including bacteria or viruses) and chemicals which can cause personal harm or disease.
Healthcare officials also recommend washing hands before entering a hospital, on entry and when leaving individual patient rooms.
World Health Organization observes World Hand Hygiene Day and urges health-care workers to reduce infections by washing hands regularly
Main aim of this exercise was to promote safe hygiene practices, including washing hands with soap as well as raise awareness among school children, said Irfan Tariq, Director Urban Affairs, at the Ministry of Environment.
Dirty hands for the most part covered in residue from coughing, sneezing and not washing hands on leaving a bathroom.