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To spread the word about anaphylaxis - the extreme reaction Steve suffered - the Bee Resistant campaign was launched to increase awareness about the dangers of venom anaphylaxis from wasp stings, and treatment options that are available.
In a post-mortem examination, Nevill Hall's Dr Geraint Evans said the cause of death was anaphylactic shock and wasp sting.
A 75-year-old nondiabetic lady was admitted with multiple wasp stings (> 50) to her scalp, neck, and chest, which were received while working in a banana plantation.
Death due to cerebral infarction after wasp stings.
Acute myocardial infarction after wasp stings in a patient with normal coronary arteries.
I asked her to take a shower in an effort to wash off any pollen or grass that might have gotten onto her skin, not even thinking that it could be from the wasp sting.
While the response rate for this study was low (n=35), we found that 91% of respondents had used homoeopathic treatments for bites and stings, with the most frequent being treatment of bee and wasp stings and whitetail spider bites.
There has been a dramatic shift on how people react to wasp stings and the number of anaphylactic shock deaths has risen massively," he explained.
If you have a known bee or wasp sting allergy you should carry an EpiPen at all times.
She is also seen getting to grips with the skills needed to help someone who suffers a heart attack and the Swansea crew are called to help a young baby who goes into life-threatening anaphylactic shock after a wasp sting.
All this was free) What would that mere wasp sting have cost in America?
A bee or wasp sting anywhere in the mouth warrants quick medical attention because sudden swelling may block airways.