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The EU also plans to implement a project that supports the "institutional capacity building" of the Egyptian Water and Waste Water Regulatory Agency by establishing an improved regulatory system and management resource processes.
Many antibiotics, anticancer drugs, pain killers and endocrine chemicals were detected in waste water discharged from hospitals," the SQU researcher said.
Use waste water on healthy, well-established plants.
The waste water is then passed through a Submerged Air Filter (SAF) and a Rotating Drum Microscreen before being discharged through a V-Notch where the quality of the treated water is continuously monitored.
Therm Liner technology for capturing the heat of the waste water in sewage.
Untreated waste water can be a serious threat to human health, as it carries harmful bacteria and viruses.
The commission says it believes the system allows untreated waste water from storms to be spilled too frequently and in excessive quantities into water piped into households.
Salim Al Hajri, acting operation general manager, has said Haya Water is maintaining and repairing the waste water facilities periodically to ensure maximum efficiency.
The process, which employs a high rate biological treatment stage and uses oxygen and air for optimum process control allows for the cost effective recycling of waste water to extremely high quality standards - right up to potable quality.
We have identified three main areas in the manufacture of olive oil that are responsible for the pollution -- waste water disposition and solid waste, water consumption and electricity.
The scheme will help improve the performance of waste water treatment in the Amlwch and Llaneilian areas.
00 GMT to provide industry participants an overview on Pumps in the European Water and Waste Water Markets.