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In the case of the FAW's shortlist applicants for the job to manage Wales, it has had the effect of rehabilitating that much maligned pastime of watching paint dry.
The style of football is like watching paint dry, with perhaps the Slovakian game being one out of the ordinary.
You can learn a lot about wood from watching paint dry, and I never understood it when they say, "that's about as exciting as watching paint dry.
It's as hard watching Villa as it is watching paint dry.
class, barnburners about Paraguay or Joe's lung that were as much fun as watching paint dry.
While I'd have been happy watching paint dry with my dad, there was one invitation I loved to get: "Want to go to Owosso for breakfast?
IT'Sabout as interesting as watching paint dry -except that really is all that happens in the latest reality show.
Watching paint dry isn't really that exciting, but sometimes, according to the people at DuPont and Chrysler, watching paint spray is.
Royal failings can't be ignored IF Richard, Newcastle, doesn't like reading the letters from anti-Royalists he should instead do something interesting like watching paint dry or grass grow.
Not for the first time, I wanted to get excited about England's potential but I found it about as exciting as watching paint dry.
Writing as a non-athletic, non-sporting individual, my watching the progression of the torch on television for any length of time could be like watching paint dry.