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Because reserved water rights are treaty rights, the United States and
33) However, the agreement did not discuss water rights.
Dow issued a series of priority calls beginning in 2009 asserting its "senior" right to divert water from the Brazos River - and force "junior" water rights holders to curtail their use.
Junior water rights were suspended that summer, cutting off mostly farmers and ranchers from using about 46 billion gallons of water, but no additional water flowed down to Dow's pumps.
The sawmill, water right and a plywood plant constructed in 1952 changed hands over the decades.
82 percent of available water rights are for withdrawing surface water, and 18 percent of total national water rights are related to groundwater (NWC 2010b).
Where private water rights exist, water is conserved and effectively used far better than where private water rights do not exist, such as in many developing countries where water is a communal or state-owned resource.
Appropriative water rights grant rights of diversion to a fixed quantity or flow of water from a highly variable stock, based on the date of the original claim.
Settler society and Aboriginal conceptions of water rights differ in many respects.
According to New Mexico American Water, the company asked to combine its water rights in order to operate these wells more efficiently and provide an adequate water supply for Clovis this summer and into the future.
This analysis focuses on the dynamics of water rights in irrigation water control--responsible for 80 percent of the freshwater consumption in the Andean region--within a wider socioeconomic, cultural and political panorama.
The appraisal of water rights on a stand-alone basis is addressed as well as the contributing value that water rights bring to the larger parcel.