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Presenters will take a statewide look at water scarcity, then focus on management approaches, local perspectives and on-farm adaptations farmers are making to remain viable in the Rio Grande Basin and Republican River Basin.
Ecolab chairman and CEO, commented: "As water scarcity increases around the world, business leaders need actionable information to help them understand and manage their current and future water-related risks.
The people affected by water scarcity and limited accesses to water resources, i.
The agriculture sector is one of the top-priority sectors to tackle water scarcity because agriculture is very sensitive and vulnerable to climate change.
The cost is used to evaluate investing in water reusing and recycling projects, by factoring in water scarcity to reflect the true value of water in that area.
Mughal said that water scarcity will become a great danger in the next ten years which will hurt masses, agriculture and industry leading to tensions between provinces and civil war which would be enough to make Pakistan a totally failed state.
8220;I look forward to working with the USAID and the committee in supporting the initiative's focus to bolster innovation to reduce water scarcity within developing and emerging countries.
They were addressing a day-long seminar on water scarcity and future vision 2025, with focus on modelling water future using environmental sustainability approach.
Policymakers must introduce a variety of measures to address global water scarcity.
After the tank is made we will not face any problem so far as water scarcity is concerned," said an industrialist, Shabir Khan.
The conference discusses several regional topics that include the sustainable management of water scarcity and land deterioration in the region, as well as the impact of climate change on agriculture and discussing the successful experiences in management of natural resources with decision-makers, experts, representatives from NGOs and private sector in the region.
specialized in providing scientific and practical solutions on water scarcity, as well as offering the most appropriate means for water desalination, participated as silver sponsor in 9th edition of the "Saudi Water & Power Forum" in Jeddah recently.