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Ordinary citizens of Sindh can only hope for the latter in that their leaders intend to fix water scarcity for the long term.
Jebet said that due to the water scarcity, she has not had time to prepare her three children every morning to go to school.
During the conference speakers would present papers on 'Climate change, water, food and energy security, Disaster risk reduction, safety planning and business continuity, Water scarcity and resource management, Impact of industrial effluents and water quality, Socio-hydrology and trans-boundary diplomacy and perspective.
The participants of the workshop expressed the hope that they would learn more about the irrigation and water management systems and latest techniques to meet the challenges of water scarcity.
Chairman Pakistan Council of Research and Water Resources (PCWR) briefed the committee on water scarcity scenario and possibilities for better management of water resources.
Experts have said that to cope with water scarcity in the future, GCC countries will have to invest millions of dollars to keep up with rising demand while developing new technologies to address water scarcity issues that will be prevalent in the region by 2050.
Farmers and rural households should be at the center of strategies to address water scarcity, Graziano da Silva said.
But this bleak picture is not without hope: using a model developed by the World Bank and proposing some ideas based on that model, Rosegrant suggests that, with the right water policies, humankind can meet the challenges posed by increasing water scarcity and not only improve water and food security, but also make a large dent in the number of people who are at risk of hunger.
Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF) has said Pakistan might run dry by 2025 if the government did not take immediate action to face water scarcity in the country.
FAO director general Jose Graziano da Silva in a statement warned that growing water scarcity was one of the leading challenges for sustainable development.
As they lie in the Rayalaseema region (rain shadow zone) and receive the least amount of rainfall, water scarcity has always been an issue for the farmers in the region.
Water Bankruptcy in the Land of Plenty: Steps Towards a Transatlantic and Transdisciplinary Assessment of Water Scarcity in Southern Arizona