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Both communities understand the baptism of the Holy Spirit as something that happens separately from the baptism with water, but they differ in the ordering of the water baptism and the Spirit baptism.
Mack's limited writings reveal his near obsession with baptism, explaining the necessity of water baptism, the mode Brethren elected to use, and the biblical justification for the practice.
But baptizing in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit takes place when a person first confesses that he is a sinner and guilty, when he then believes in the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ and therefore resolves henceforth to live according to the Rule of Christ as far as God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit will give him grace and strength, and when he now testifies all such publicly before people and with the reception of the outward water: that is water baptism.
Only by undergoing John's water baptism, a single, unrepeatable end-time event, can one hope to escape the final baptism by fire.
In the Anabaptist perspective, water baptism is a strong communicating act; all communication happens through signs and symbols
First, although the data from the Ante-Nicene period make it clear that Syriac Christian initiation knew only one (prebaptismal) anointing, an anointing that is messianic in character and bestows the Spirit, still no one has been able to explain why the Syrians would have bothered with water baptism after such a significant anointing rite.
It is impossible to speak of the Pentecostal perspective on water baptism.
For Baptists, this first arose as an issue in the early 1970s (39) and caused Michael Walker to comment that because Baptists have "emptied baptism of its sacramental character" "we have been afraid to believe that God acts in grace and pours out His spirit in water baptism, we now see the sundering of water and spirit.