Water ordeal

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WATER ORDEAL. An ancient form of trial, now abolished, by which the accused, tied band and foot, were cast into cold water, and if they did not sink they were deemed innocent or they were compelled to plunge their limbs into hot water, and if they came out unhurt they were considered innocent. Vide Ordeal.

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The cold water ordeal dispensed with the hot stuff in favor of a tepid pool.
Frithogar isn't, so the court orders him to the hot water ordeal.
Cold water ordeal instructions gave priests opportunity for manipulation, too.
And cold water ordeal formulas didn't specify how long he had to spend at that depth to prove himself.
THE downgrading of a medieval-style water ordeal used to assess workers for a medical condition could cost the UK Government as much as pounds 1bn in disablement benefits, it has emerged.