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While most physical properties of UV-PUD coatings are realized immediately after UV exposure, water resistance is not maximized for some time.
HeCd Pattern HT is a high-temperature material with inherent dimensional accuracy and water resistance.
Like all SwimEx pools, this model features a paddlewheel propulsion system, which generates a smooth laminar flow resulting in controllable water resistance.
Additionally, in a recent Wireless Lounge survey 70 percent of consumers indicated they consider water resistance an important feature in their next phones.
Tenders are invited for Rechargeable Long Rang Spot Light Rang Up To 950 950 1900 M With Ni-Cd Battery Alloy Case Anodized For Corrosion Resistance And Durability O Ring Sealed For Water Resistance.
Casio PRO TREK PRW-3500 Features 200-Meter Water Resistance and Triple Sensor Version 3 Technology
7 inches of screen display with 720p resolution and water resistance certification.
The real downside to carrying a smartphone on your person or with your gear on the boat or in a backpack is its inherent lack of water resistance and fragility.
The SESA products include silicone-acrylate film formers, MQ resin film formers and amino-modified gum blends that have features to overcome the low water resistance and heavy feel deficiencies of current O/W systems that use organic sunscreens as protectants.
Dow Corning has launched Dow Corning 87 and 88 silicone-based additives to help improve water resistance in decorative coatings.
NatureShield 40 is a film-forming natural oil emulsion used to provide water resistance in both wood and concrete coatings as well as moderate scratch and mar resistance.
Porch and floor coatings require water resistance and need to have good wear properties.

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