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The investment in the Regional Agricultural Watershed Assessment Program will enable DEP staff to develop a working relationship with farmers in the selected watershed.
The Regional Agricultural Watershed Assessment Program was created as a result of a successful pilot program in Soft Run, Mifflin County.
Large blueways such as the Connecticut River watershed are extremely important not only as nurseries for biodiversity and filtration systems for fresh water supplies, but also as outdoor recreational outlets for millions of all-too-cooped-up Americans.
The Connecticut River watershed is a fitting first addition to the National Blueways program given its ecological, cultural and recreational importance to millions of Americans along its 410-mile run from the peaks of Vermont along the Canadian border through New Hampshire and Massachusetts to Connecticut, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
functioning watersheds, including provisioning, regulating, cultural,
are so grounded relative to watersheds that the task of identifying and
Despite budgetary and political pressures, the demonstrated accomplishments and future value of established, long-term experimental watersheds cannot be overlooked when setting priorities and allocating expenditures for water resources research.
Because there are few reports of nutrient yields from glacial watersheds, Eran and I decided to compare the result from a non-glacial watershed with those of a watershed partially covered by a glacier and a watershed fully covered by a glacier," said Scott.
As in the Georgia Basin, upland watersheds can be a source of water for lowland communities.
The Corporate FQNV designation is a result of a stringent review of Watershed Security's qualifications and certifications by the Navy Certifying Authority (Navy CA).
At the meeting, DCR staff members will explain the process for adopting a new public access plan and will review current policies governing public use of DCR watershed lands surrounding Wachusett Reservoir.

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