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The main purposes for the application of a fully-3D approach for the simulation of a 3D component included in a 1D engine schematic can be summarized in two points: a) to predict the complex three-dimensional flow and wave motion, which strongly affects the tailpipe noise and may also influence the volumetric efficiency, especially in cases of significant wave interaction between the cylinders and b) to provide an accurate description of the viscous and turbulent effects, which determines, along with inertial effects, the pressure loss through the component, which ultimately affects the engine performances.
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The wave motion problem in the inhomogeneous medium is normally solved by using numerical techniques, such as reverberation matrix method, finite difference method and finite element method.
The conveyor consists of numerous bellows modules that deform the surface creating a wave motion that transports the object within a targeted manner.
One application is the prediction of the magnitude of the hull surface pressure caused by the interaction of the ship's motion with the prevailing wave motion.
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As an oceanographer, you could specialise in one of four areas: marine biology - studying marine plants and animals; marine chemistry - analysing the chemical composition of seawater and the behaviour of pollutants; marine geology - examining the structure and make-up of the ocean floor; and marine physics - studying water temperature and density, wave motion, tides and currents.
More recently, overviews on wave motion in solids were presented by Kolsky [6], Achenbach [7], Bland [8], Graff [9] a.
Instead of using computerised extrapolation to make up for data not captured due to wave motion moving their sensors, engineering and support services group Babcock decided to simply reduce the movement on the scanning system.
of Southern Denmark) present a graduate textbook on fundamentals of acoustic wave motion that includes discussions of duct acoustics, sound in enclosures, and sound radiation and scattering.