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According to the company, the inert wave soldering technology enables customers to reduce manufacturing and material costs, including reduced nitrogen flow rates; significantly increase soldering joint quality; and transition to lead-free soldering technology with minimal effort.
Equipment Impacts of Lead-Free Wave Soldering, Available from: http://www.
Pulse Electronics designed these pin-in-paste through-hole ICMs in response to market demand to remove wave soldering from the PCB manufacturing process," said Jonas Miller, product line manager, Pulse Electronics.
With the reduced process windows for lead-free soldering, especially wave soldering with thicker boards, companies may evaluate VOC containing no-clean fluxes.
A wave soldering process breaks down into the following categories:
PCB test specimens were prepared by reflowing Pb-Free solder paste on the top side and wave soldering the bottom side with Pb-free solder using no-clean organic acid flux on some specimens and no-clean rosin flux on others.
While much work and experimentation has investigated many parameters of the wave soldering process, one item seems missing: a thorough review and understanding of fluxer operation, fluxer setup methodology and performance capability analysis.
THE IMPLEMENTATION a lead-free wave soldering process will be successful only when multiple challenges are addressed.
This alleviates the need to do wave soldering, eliminates the electrical "open" problem previously caused by solder running down the through hole pins and also permits boards to be reworked if ne cessary without scrapping them.
Due to the many wave solder-related issues identified with the 305/405 family, like copper dissolution, shrinkage tears, pot corrosion and material cost, alternative alloy options for wave soldering continue to proliferate, and at a relatively rapid rate.