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But the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) fear their placing could point the way to a more widespread waymarking in the hills.
The spokesman explained that the waymarkings have been removed in order to save the resources needed to check and maintain the trails.
The difficulty is the adequate waymarking and establishing a satisfactory wardening scheme to ensure that difficulties when walking the routes are eliminated.
Beyond Graffiti - waymarking through time" is the Milestone Society's West Yorkshire project, which will see students make history by creating new waymarkers to be installed in the Dewsbury Country Park.
Many footpaths criss-cross the route so be alert to the instructions but the waymarking is excellent.
However, this is the first time that such a large area has been targeted for waymarking.
There is now go od waymarking through the fields to a lane at Painswick.
The few arable fields are always clear of crops and the waymarking is excellent.
Unfortunately this was not the case on this occasion and the patchy waymarking added to the difficulty.
We circle The Warwickshire, one of the biggest golf courses in the area, and where the waymarking is excellent, and the handful of cropped fields on the route are always well cleared by the farmer.
THE Nuneaton Thursday Volunteers, under the guidance of Warwickshire County Council, have transformed this route with new kissing gates, bridges and waymarking to create a trouble-free and enjoyable walk.
Nothing has changed except the stiles and bridges, all have been renewed by the volunteers of Tanworth and the waymarking is faultless.