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Web Analytics is a full-featured, free web analytics platform and is offered to customers only through its partner network.
Web analysis services help marketing executives address measurability challenges by helping them better understand the data that is produced by web analytics tools and how to strategically apply that data to their marketing efforts.
Through web analytics, he determined that students on campus were visiting the BYU site more frequently--simply because they had more access.
Founded in 1996, Sane Solutions develops and markets the award-winning NetTracker line of Web analytics solutions.
His work will focus on helping clients mature their web analytics efforts and develop integration solutions that allow businesses and marketers to develop more complete views of visitor and customer behavior.
AskIT -- The IndexTools Tutor -- Provide a plain-language executive summary of the data on screen helping clients to interpret their web analytics reports.
I am absolutely thrilled and honored to lead the Digital Analytics Association into the next chapter of its evolution," said John Lovett, DAA President and Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified.
For more information about Web Analytics Wednesday, please contact Web Analytics Demystified by visiting www.
Capability for Diverse and Rich Data Reporting Ramps up Value Proposition for Web Analytics
Web analytics market is expected to expand rapidly with the uptake of the technology within the mobile, social and video measurement sectors.
We have long appreciated Web Analytics Demystified's strategic position in the marketplace," says Matthew Gellis, CEO and Founder of Keystone Solutions.
Greco joins Web Analytics Demystified from Salesforce.