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Glam Media, the pioneer and global leader of Vertical Media connecting premium brand advertisers with millions of consumers, recently implemented Gear6 Web Cache to scale Glam.
Microsoft ISA Server is an enterprise firewall and Web cache server that enables IT administrators for businesses of all sizes to provide controlled, secure and fast Internet access for their organization.
Competing Web cache products do not offer the same level of performance guarantee, and force customers to rely on expensive and complex content delivery tools to propagate content updates to their caches.
NLANR's Web Polygraph benchmark and the resulting Bake-Off report were developed to objectively compare the various Web cache solutions in the marketplace with the goal of providing a fair real-world performance comparison between them.
CinTel") (OTCBB:CNCN) Korea's top Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solution provider, is pleased to announce that SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) has selected CinTel's iCache 7010S web cache solution for its music portal site www.
New Caching and Web Cache Redirection Technology Combined to Speed
NS Series Delivers Essential Combination of Application Firewall, VPN and Web Cache - Powered by Microsoft ISA Server 2004