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With its graphic user interface, WebFOCUS helps developers to reduce the time and costs associated with front-end development.
Macy's considered other BI tools from market-leading vendors; however they ultimately selected Information Builders' WebFOCUS platform because of the end-user reporting capabilities, rapid and efficient implementation capabilities, and lower total cost of ownership than the other vendors.
We experience substantial benefits using WebFOCUS on IBM zSeries running Linux," said Burt Allen, who works within the Technical Systems group at Harris County Texas.
The demonstrated near linear scalability of the WebFOCUS BI solution when running on an IBM z990 can enable organizations to consolidate multiple reporting systems onto one server and one environment.
Having successfully mastered the challenges of creating large-scale information transparency, Cohen pointed to an increasing trend among its customer base to deploy large number of applications on WebFOCUS.
The development team quickly gained proficiency with the WebFOCUS software.
The contract concerns the delivery of services and expertise around the Webfocus decision-making suite published by Information Builders.
Dubbed the FPA Dashboard, the new WebFOCUS application provides information about growth, productivity and revenue-cycle metrics, along with sophisticated analytic tools.
The data we can now interpret using WebFOCUS helps us better serve the State of Louisiana.
Information Builders have announced the availability of WebFOCUS for MainframeLinux, a business intelligence solution for users of Linux which enables customers to securely access and integrate data residing on the Linux operating system as well as over 85 other applications and across 35 platforms including MVS/OS/390, VM/CMS, Unisys, UNIX, and NT--and transform that data into relevant and consistent information for delivery throughout the extended enterprise.
Enterprise business intelligence and web reporting solutions provider Information Builders has launched its WebFOCUS software for Mainframe Linux.
But there are other initiatives, such as Information Builders' announcement in late May that it's going to add Web service support to Webfocus, its business intelligence tool.