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The Knudsen effusion technique using a continuous temperature change mode [14] was applied to determine vapor pressure curves of oil shale oil as a function of weight percent vaporized (or left in the sample).
With increasing the weight percent of urethane, the peak temperature of tan (5 shifted to a higher temperature value, whereas the peak height decreased.
According to mentioned results, it seems that 75% density of Niko sulforon and Foram sulforon herbicides treatments not only reduce the stem dry weight percent, but also are economical rather than 100% herbicides density.
8) Their results indicated that there is a linear relationship between the log of the viscosity and the weight percent of the polymer solids.
Data showing the individual effects of acid strength, acid type, solvent preflush, iron control additives, ferrous and ferric ion concentrations, mutual solvent concentration, corrosion inhibitor type, and surfactant types have been used as the basis for formulating an empirical model for the weight percent of asphaltene sludge.
To maintain the 50:50 ratio of flux to metal, the same volume of SAC solder powder equates to a lower weight percent (88-89%) in the final product than in SnPb (89-90%).
Screening DOEs quickly revealed five primary variables with some first-level interactions: injection speed, melt temperature, gas type, mold temperature, and gas level in weight percent.
This product is coated with Ni to a coating level of 60 weight percent.
At the same weight percent of blowing agent in the polyol blend, free-rise density of HFC-245fa foams was about half that of the CFC-11 foams.
The company uses a number of methods for the manufacture of alloys, the composition of which can be specified in atomic weight or weight percent, depending on specific customer requirements.
006 Table 4 - Chemical Composition of Zinc-Rich MC Urethane Primers Weight Percent Content A B C Volatiles(1) 10.
5 cubic meters per tonne TOC (total organic content) greater than 8 weight percent.