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11) More critically for Western Electric, the court found that the Labor Relations employees from the Kearny Works had perjured themselves on the stand by lying about the alterations.
20 pm, when the engineer, doubling up as an announcer, said 'This is the Birmingham Broadcasting Station, the Western Electric Company.
In 1929, three years after Western Electric Manufacturing Co.
Unlike other large companies, the direction and ultimate fate of Western Electric was decided not by competitive forces but by decisions of the principal customer (the parent company) and the government.
The original Western Electric work was one of those ideal situations where the statisticians recognized the practical aspects of an operating facility.
Based on our Western Electric Study data, it means a 47 percent lower risk of fatal heart attack over the next 20 years for a middle-aged man.
The pregnancy leave policy, which Western Electric claimed it terminated in 1971, severely limited the employment opportunities of women, in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to the court.
In Chicago, Cal worked for Western Electric and eventually became a carpenter.
Australia) relates Mayo's medical background, involvement in the Hawthorne studies at Western Electric Company, work as a philosopher in South Australia, ideas about political psychology, teaching, years at Harvard, and as a psychologist.
Oregon Public Utility Commission Chairman Lee Beyer of Springfield was elected this week to serve a three-year term on the Western Electric Coordinating Council.
They liked the size, and the amount of electrical power it could produce, and that it was an old Western Electric building with 1,000 pound-per-foot floors and 28-foot ceilings.
The entire MMPI, as well as a complete physical examination, was administered in 1957 and 1958 to a random sample of 2,018 white male employees at the Western Electric Co.

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