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in Scots practice
1 the date fixed by a court for hearing a case.
2 a single session of a court.

DIET. An assembly held by persons having authority to manage the public affairs of the nation. In Germany, such assemblies are known by this name:

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A new study of 926 men diagnosed with prostate cancer and followed for 14 years found that men eating a Western diet were 2.
As the salt content of Western diets continues to increase these findings could have significant consequences for the reproductive health of future generations.
She also believes that the more generations exposed to the western diet, the greater the risk of colon cancer in the offspring.
But behind it all we''re looking at a serious subject, which is the promotion of refined sugar, under all its many labels, in the Western diet over the last 40 years or so by the food and drinks industries, and the massive health problems this has led to in terms of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancers.
We found that CCP scores were significantly lower in the prostate cancer in men who consumed the low-fat fish oil diet as compare to men who followed a higher fat Western diet," William Aronson said.
Although factors including stress, hormonal differences in foods, and pollution can be confounding factors, we must not ignore the Western diet that these populations adapt is higher in refined sugars and carbohydrates and lower in vegetables and lean protein.
They also tend to have a more western diet, more obesity and higher alcohol intake, which also increase breast cancer risk.
Gfreely's subscription service eases the burden of a gluten free diet, which can be challenging given gluten's near ubiquitous presence in the modern Western diet.
Maxitone nutritionist Sharmain Davis explained: "Most women eat the typical Western diet of three main meals and snack on carb-rich, high sugar foods.
That will shrink your tumors, clear your arteries, lubricate your joints, improve your sleep, wean you off your meds, and cut the nation's runaway health care bill by 70 percent" But Fulkerson's documentary about the threats posed to our personal and national health by a Western diet rich in animal and dairy products isn't funny.
The same effect was not seen in men who remained on a regular Western diet with no fish oil supplements.
Japanese in general remain relatively slender, but an increasingly Western diet and sedentary life have raised interest in dieting among both men and women.

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