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WHALER, mar. law. A vessel employed in the whale fishery.
     2. It is usual for the owner of the vessel, the captain and crew, to divide the profits in just proportions, under an agreement similar to the contract Di Colonna. (q.v.)

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Drone footage captured the 10ft bronze whalers moving in at Red Bluff beach near Kalbarri, Western Australia.
Earlier in 2011, BCGP had won an initial contract for Boston Whaler Justice boats to support the SOUTHCOM.
was the rallying cry of the whalers in New South Wales, shouted when they spotted their target and set out to sea.
POEM The Wreck of the Whaler Oscar by William Topaz McGonagall (poet and tragedian) 'TWAS on the 1st of April, and in the year of Eighteen thirteen, That the whaler"Oscar" was wrecked not far from Aberdeen; 'Twas all on a sudden the wind arose, and a terrific blast it blew, And the"Oscar"was lost, and forty-two of a gallant crew.
I was crew for what is known as the all-comers whalers crew which is a double-banked whaler of 27cwt.
To do this he has traced every sea ice definition in UK history from satellite data of the last three decades to the accounts of Arctic explorer, scientist and Whitby whaler William Scoresby Jnr who in the 19th Century wrote an account of the Arctic regions.
23, 2010, when the helicopter identified the suspect boat as the whaler from MV Aly Zoulfecar, which had been acting as a pirate "mother ship" since it was hijacked on Nov.
The Whaler's Forge" tells the story of a lost Spanish Whaler who washes up on the coast of North America, before the continent ever gained that name.
The Boston Whaler 370 Outrage has all the comforts of home without leaving the cockpit.
Central heating engineer Dave Morrell reeled in a 26olb bronze whaler last week after casting his line up to 80 yards from a sandy African beach.
Positivisitc researchers interested in large-scale studies designed to generalize cause and effect relationships may be able to incorporate some of the insights learned in this study of Whaler fans to create surveys to be administered to left-behind fans of other teams in other sports.
In 1827 only one whaler, The Baffin, was operating full-time out of Liverpool and by 1830 there was no more trade out of the port.