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WHALER, mar. law. A vessel employed in the whale fishery.
     2. It is usual for the owner of the vessel, the captain and crew, to divide the profits in just proportions, under an agreement similar to the contract Di Colonna. (q.v.)

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The fisheries agency reported the whaling operation was not disrupted by anti-whaling activists like Sea Shepherd Australia, which the whalers had clashed repeatedly in the past.
This is the ninth year that Operation Zero Tolerance has been launched to target whalers.
We won this race and were told that we had won by 20 lengths, our other crews apart from one also won their races, most of them over a mile and a half except the racing whaler, a single-banked boat over the same two-mile course.
Matthew's study is part of a wider project called Arcdoc, led by the University of Sunderland, analysing historical ships' log books of explorers, whalers and merchants around the Arctic to increase scientific understanding of climate change in such an environmentally important region.
Canada, and Gieseking, a comedian and writer from Germany, present the journal and letters of Wilhelm Weike, a 23-year-old handyman from Minden, Germany who spent 1883-1884 among the Inuit and whalers on Baffin Island in the Arctic.
Aetna and Whalers Sports & Entertainment have signed a three-year agreement valued at nearly $500,000, which is highlighted by Aetna becoming the title sponsor of the Whale Amateur Hockey program.
16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Local CITGO retailers are partnering with the Plymouth Whalers and WCSX radio to collect food for needy families this holiday season.
What we really need is for the governments of Australia and New Zealand to step up and start enforcing maritime laws in these waters, or who knows what the whalers will do next.
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society accused the whalers of throwing hunks of metal and golf balls at its members, slightly injuring two activists.
Japanese whalers claim to hunt under an internationally allowed research programme, despite a ban on commercial whaling.
The stand-off in Antarctic waters 2,000 miles south of Australia was the latest incident involving Sea Shepherd and whalers.
The Japanese whalers seized two Sea Shepherd Conservation Society activists, Australian Benjamin Potts and Britain Giles Lane, when the pair boarded the Yushin Maru No.