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It is still unknown at this stage wheather or not he was killed in the fighting or somehow managed to escape," he said.
Ice sheets are melting, sea levels are rising, our oceans are becoming more acidic and we have already seen its effects on wheather patterns our food and water sources and our habitats.
And then sternness crept into his voice when he was asked wheather he had been well advised to contest the seat.
To differentiate between the axe fragments indicating a settlement site and an sacrificial site, it must be made sure wheather the fragment is remarkable or not, since useless fragments were probably never deposited as an offering but namely these are expected to be found in settlements.
It is not clear wheather Augustine is referring to a Reply to Manichaeus or to the Epistle of Christ issued by Manichaeus.
The State Bank is also quite concerned about the uptrend in the marginal inflation due primarily to food and energy prices but is not clear wheather it is "caused by factors exogenous to monetary developments, or is resulting from the lagged effect of monetary expnsion in FY03".
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