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I don't honestly think you have to be in competition to enjoy either of these fine wheelguns.
22 rimfire, 10-round wheelgun with adjustable sights, Hogue grips, a full-length ejector shroud, muzzle heavy/jump-free, built like a masonry sanitary facility, great DA/SA trigger, and a ball to shoot.
The big-name shooters had sponsors to satisfy, so no matter how much they might have wanted to shoot a wheelgun in the Nationals, they had to use what they were being paid to shoot.
The cylinder face is cut for full moon clips, the fastest possible reloading system for a wheelgun.
If you have a light aftermarket hammer spring in your wheelgun and experience misfires, try Federal 100 primers.
In this column, we'll touch on several which are basic to any serious wheelgun effort.
Today's high-tech materials and design innovations have spiced up the humble wheelgun a bit.
There is an open class where you get to use your red dot sight and even put a muz-zlebrake on your wheelgun if you'd like.
Twenty-five years later, a lone and stalwart student vied in the shooting events with a wheelgun, a five-shot S&W Model 649 J-frame .