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I have said that the whims of my friend were manifold, and that Je les ménagais: - for this phrase there is no English equivalent.
While such whims and chimeras were flitting across my fancy I began to look askance at Mrs.
You remember that the affair of the blue carbuncle, which appeared to be a mere whim at first, developed into a serious investigation.
There is no necessity whatever for such a step; it is merely a whim of her own.
The man is mad--quite mad--Bududreen, and we cannot longer jeopardize our own throats merely to humor his crazy and criminal whims.
Or there was disease, ever rampant, one of Luck's grimmest whims.
I remember when I had my whims and fancies too, and when I looked well in anything I wore, just as you do.
He would perhaps work himself to death to satisfy my whims, and that would not be right.
But lest I should mislead any when I have my own head and obey my whims, let me remind the reader that I am only an experimenter.
There was, as it were, a continual beginning, a preparation of the musical expression of some feeling, but it fell to pieces again directly, breaking into new musical motives, or simply nothing but the whims of the composer, exceedingly complex but disconnected sounds.
I had taken Anne to the north with me, having my whims and fancies, occasionally, about my child, and getting, at such times, jealous of Mrs.
Quilp, however--who, beyond the gratification of his demon whims, owed Sampson some acknowledgment of the part he had played in the mourning scene of which he had been a hidden witness, marked these symptoms of uneasiness with a delight past all expression, and derived from them a secret joy which the costliest banquet could never have afforded him.