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The critics and whiners have it wrong: GM is back, stronger than it's been in years.
Perhaps they are natural-born whiners who are never happy about anything.
The ceremonial role is a tradition dating back hundreds of years, long before whiners like you thought they knew it all.
Though taxpayers have been accused of being whiners by Phil Gramm, Sen.
No doubt if whiners and whingers like S Watkinson had their way, we would still be living in those disgusting slum tenements I can recall in the fifties.
Also study Tim O'Leary's Warriors, Workers, Whiners & Weasels: Understanding and Using the Four Personality Traits to Your Advantage (Xephor Press; $22.
Jenny Eclair leads the line-up of ageing whiners capitalising on the success of the book and the TV series.
Chug, the brewery founder's pet, appeared on the label and inspired the slogan "No Whiners.
We don't want to be whiners or complainers, but it is not logical to invest $5 million if you're not going to be able to make a profit," Courteau comments.
Unquestionably, Friedman will ridicule the whiners who complain that No Child Left Behind is leading to too much homework and too little summer vacation for poor little Susie, while other nations leap ahead.
Educator of the Year award whiners have included companies, colleges and universities, as well as community and technical schools.