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Jos explains: "There are only two of us currently working as baby whisperers and we run workshops for photographers to learn the art of newborn photography.
8220;I receive calls from anxious parents almost daily, wondering if they are finding lice in their child's hair,” says Amy Goldreyer, founder of Hair Whisperers.
Water Whisperers Tangaroa is a story of hope, as Gallagher shows communities who have become involved or are in the process of working together to restore and preserve New Zealand's beautiful waterways.
UNRULY youngsters are being taught to behave themselves by a trio of Scottish horse whisperers.
Mark Hudson trained under one of the top whisperers in the USA and has been practising for 10 years.
HORSE whisperers are helping young and vulnerable people turn their lives around.
For the millions of parents dealing with head lice, Hair Whisperers founder Amy Goldreyer was called upon.
The Teen Horse Whisperers documentary sees the initially indifferent recruits eventually leave their behavioural issues at the stable door.
You add to your list of "troubling" academic practices the "farming out" of a substantial part of the oral history project of The Whisperers to the Memorial Society; yet you fail to mention what this project has achieved (the assembling of a large and unique new archive of interview transcripts, sound recordings, documents, and photographs from several hundred private homes across Russia) and do not even stop to wonder whether it would have been possible for one scholar to collect such a large mass of materials in the short time that we had before this generation passed away.
She added: "The Horse Whisperer was not based on any one person, but certain horse whisperers appear to be at each other's throats in a fight to prove they were the single inspiration for the book and the film.