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Participants, many disabled, tapped white canes on the ground in celebration of White Cane Safety Day, a national observance each Oct.
Caption: Earl Goliath, an employee of Skorpion Zinc, handed a donation of white canes over to Monica Nangolo, southern regional coordinator of the Namibian Federation of the Visually Impaired (NFVI) during the commemoration of White Canes Day on 17 October.
A blind 61-year-old was left "terrified" after being hit with a 50,000 volt taser by police when they mistook his white cane for a samurai sword.
She was able to walk quickly with her white cane and he asked her how she became so adept.
State law requires motorists to yield to all blind or deaf pedestrians carrying a white cane or accompanied by a guide dog.
The voluntary worker, who uses a white cane to get about in his specially-adapted home, is married to Blessing, 37.
White Cane Day is held worldwide on October 15 to highlight the difficulties faced by the blind or visually-impaired and celebrate their achievements.
A case study of a visually impaired power wheelchair user who uses a white cane for navigation assistance was presented in Ganoza [12].
Laura has devoted 30 years to children with blindness, and was a pioneer in teaching very young children how to use a white cane (prior to 1980, white cane was never taught to toddlers.
His suit, elegant silk, complements his skin and brings definition to the white cane that rests between his legs.
Connor Snr was also given six years, to run concurrently, after admitting a burglary on a 92-year-old blind woman in Leicestershire in which he stole pounds 80 and her white cane.