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With the exception of Latin America, white-collar workers have fared better worldwide than blue-collar workers.
For white-collar workers, the differences between legal and observed employment effects are less pronounced.
As he notes, few unions were trying to organize white-collar workers when the codes were being developed, and indeed unions at that time often regarded office workers as potential spies for management.
Data from former white-collar workers, however, suggest that retirement even at 65 years of age can be disappointingly empty and that a return to work is desirable (Macdonald, Brown, & Buchanan, 2001).
TOKYO - The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on Thursday held an experts meeting to study a labor system to allow white-collar workers to work longer hours.
The 2005 happiness index, which quizzed 1250 workers, also reveals a new trend for parity of pay satisfaction between vocational and white-collar workers.
Its study of happiness in the workplace found tradesmen and women were twice as likely to be ``extremely happy'' in their jobs compared to white-collar workers -a term generally given to office workers.
White-collar workers who shrugged off the suffering of their blue-collar brothers and sisters over the last two decades now have a much different perspective on all that union grousing.
The simple truth is that enormous numbers of well-educated, highly skilled white-collar workers are having tremendous trouble finding the kind of high-level, employment they've been trained for and the pay they feel they deserve.
White-collar workers are much more likely than their blue-collar counterparts to submit a short-term disability (STD) claim for psychiatric conditions such as stress or depression, according to an analysis of Metropolitan Life's disability claims.
The survey was conducted in October 2003 and questioned 160 UK white-collar workers.
Only 38 percent of white-collar workers reported the same.