Whole blood

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WHOLE BLOOD. Being related by both the father and mother's side; this phrase is used in contradistinction to half, blood, (q.v.) which is relation only on one side. See Blood.

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Original clinical samples, such as whole blood, which could be directly pre-treated on the microfluidic chips, can increase diagnostic capacity significantly by enabling rapid, point-of-care chemical analysis requiring only nanoliter sample and reagent volumes, thereby reducing cost and turn-around time.
Plasma (spun down from a whole blood specimen) measured approximately 15 min after sample collection demonstrated a normal potassium concentration, and as the WBC concentration decreased, the potassium concentrations returned to normal in plasma and whole blood specimens.
Another approach is to use plasma instead of whole blood.
For example, some simply cite successful participation of the analyzing laboratory in quality assurance (QA) programs for whole blood Pb operated by the CDC and the College of American Pathologists (Hernandez-Avila et al.
Terumo BCT's Mirasol System for Whole Blood is being evaluated for its potential to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission and leukocyte-related transfusion reactions.
Haemonetics provided the following information regarding its whole blood collection kit business with The American Red Cross:
Velindre NHS Trust, Welsh Blood Service, is seeking expressions of interest to supply seven whole blood floor standing centrifuges.
For sample collection, whole blood was collected into a vacutainer containing EDTA or heparin through venipuncture.
1,2) In contrast, another study performed on 75 patients with systemic hypoperfusion (defined as systolic blood pressure less than 90 mm Hg or requirement for vasoactive agents) found relatively good agreement between capillary whole blood and arterial whole blood glucose, with 95% limits of agreement of approximately [+ or -]30 mg/dL.