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WHOLESALE. To sell by wholesale, is to sell by large parcels, generally in original packages, and not by retail. (q.v.)

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Nonendemic genotype D8 measles viruses were associated with at least 2 outbreaks in different wholesale clothing markets during March-July, 2013.
The Fire Label team are anticipating a bright future made possible by the company's fantastic track record of delivering high quality wholesale clothing from a range of leading brands.
The 11 gents the wholesale clothing dealer from Tuscaloosa has knocked out must have been chloroformed and then held down.
He planned to stay for six months but four decades later he is still here and has built a successful wholesale clothing business.
Team Harrison has made a gross miscalculation in lining up the American - who runs his own wholesale clothing business, Rock Wear, alongside his ring career - insisting: ``I am here to fight.
A Japanese consulting firm has failed to pay a total of 25 million yen to South Korean merchants of a defunct wholesale clothing market it managed, sources close to the case said Monday.
38 on the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100), Tucker has taken his extensive retail experience and plugged it into the wholesale clothing arena.
Mendel and wholesale clothing manufacturer Big Strike, Inc.
CV2 is Europe's first wholesale clothing marketplace, giving traditional retailers and etailers easy access to the biggest and best high street brands at wholesale prices.
com, wholesale clothing USA company, is now offering free shipping on orders that total $300.
Should you be ordering in large quantities for your company Fire Label can offer discount on wholesale clothing.