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WHOLESALE. To sell by wholesale, is to sell by large parcels, generally in original packages, and not by retail. (q.v.)

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The Department revealed that the general index of wholesale prices for the month of May 2015, compared to its counterpart of the previous year (May 2014), witnessed a decline of (1.
Wholesale Price Index for local products (2007=100) reached 118.
Petrol averaged 132p at the start of the year, "and this is where it should be heading if the wholesale price collapse persists", the report said.
The chart below, "Impact of Average Wholesale Price Changes," illustrates the possible impact on a sample plan sponsor.
In largely contributing to the record decline in wholesale prices in fiscal 2009, prices of petroleum and coal products plunged 23.
We hope that the Commission does not exacerbate the problem of excessive wholesale rates in Ohio by approving further unwarranted wholesale price increases for SBC at the conclusion of the current case," Tye added.
Some gas stations in the Tokyo area raised retail prices of gasoline by 5 yen to 8 yen per liter Friday from the previous day due to a surge in wholesale prices for oil products.
It will be the first time in two months that the company has cut the wholesale price.
The central bank said the domestic wholesale price index came to 96.
But the CDFA said it has nothing to do with the retail prices that shoppers pay - it simply sets the minimum farm value, or the wholesale price, in order to keep rates consistent from smaller to larger markets.
lanelogic's Put Bid is designed to lock in the wholesale price of a used vehicle 45 days in the future, regardless of fluctuations in the automotive market.
The latest wholesale price hike is unlikely to lead to higher retail prices, market analysts said.

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