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WHOLESALE. To sell by wholesale, is to sell by large parcels, generally in original packages, and not by retail. (q.v.)

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Two groups of milk retailers on Tuesday decided to suspend procurement of milk from the wholesalers to protest the increase of Rs12 per litre by them from March 1.
The convenience industry's top 30 wholesalers posted sales of $62.
Internal wholesalers fared worse: only 43 percent of advisors reporting they are satisfied on either measure.
Nowhere is this cooperative relationship more critical and more apparent than in the relationship between wholesalers and craft brewers.
It found as well that e-wholesalers can generate about half the production of external wholesalers with those lower costs.
Goods are bought by wholesalers in very large quantities, often direct from the manufacturers.
The first step is to recognize that all wholesalers can improve their productivity.
Of principal concern to Kew was that the space not be divvied up and subleased to a slew of other wholesalers, a common practice encouraged by the high premium subtenants will pay over direct rents for slivers of warehouse space totaling just a few hundred square feet.
There are many advantages: by combining their buying power, wholesalers can benefit from better collective terms; they can also work together to develop a credible own label range; and they can share information and swap ideas with fellow members.
Alcoholic beverage wholesalers have asked retailers to raise beer prices, but major supermarket chain stores are rejecting the demand.
Interbrew offers standardised volume rebates with its wholesalers, with discount rates determined by the total volume of each type of beer purchased by a wholesaler in the course of a reference period spanning one year.