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WIDOWHOOD. The state of a man whose wife is dead or of a woman whose husband is dead. In general there is no law to regulate the time during which a man must remain a widower, or a woman a widow, before they marry a second time. The term widowhood is mostly applied to the state or condition of a widow.

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More than three-quarters of adults in their 50s experience job layoffs, widowhood, divorce, new health problems or the onset of frailty among parents or in-laws, all of which disrupt their ability to save.
We want to laugh, learn, and be inspired as we celebrate women everywhere who are thriving as they transition through divorce and widowhood.
If "Baffled'' can show them how to continue on before they need to face that time, they will probably find it easier to accept her widowhood without fear.
Most widows go through an intense grieving process early in widowhood, marked by feelings of depression, mood changes, disrupted sleep patterns, obsessive thoughts about the deceased, and disorientation.
Woodruff said that though widowhood has been linked with health problems, including depression and "broken heart syndrome," little is known about its effect on dementia, and he wished to learn more.
Here one woman's sudden romance, elopement, and widowhood leads to all kinds of issues for twenty-six-year old Elsie, who loses her husband Ben just days into their marriage.
She examines cultural change, questions of class, property and race, population movements, and family by studying the transitions to widowhood of a large group of women.
Esther Rantzen, famous in the 1970s for fronting a show championing consumer rights and rudely shaped vegetables, talks about 21 years at the BBC, her affair and marriage to Desmond Wilcox, widowhood, founding the charity ChildLine and her view on the Savile scandal.
The latest edition takes a look at Victoria's relationships with her daughters during her widowhood.
Tonight we look at Victoria's relationships with her daughters during her widowhood.
Widowhood leaves one questioning how they can go on.
There are so many neglected issues in African literary discourse but only few are as neglected as the problems associated with widowhood across much of the continent.