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Gluck returns to the Garden of Eden in The Wild Iris, but this time after its collapse.
climax in her Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Wild Iris (1992), where
Sarasota loves Gena Rowlands, as demonstrated once again at the world premiere of her latest film, Wild Iris, by the Sarasota Film Festival at the Hollywood 20.
Our Lord's Candle offers a philosophy of life completely different from its neighbors, wild iris and the delicate poppy.
Garden club members dug in 1,000 native plants, 35 species in all, including wild iris, cattails, sedges and arrowhead.
The Wild Iris Project, part of the Institute for Sustainable Forestry in Humboldt County, is attempting to do just that.
The first night we tied up at a bank with cowslips, wild iris and campion lining the path to the pub.
The baskets included roots from two plants with strong, potentially toxic ingredients: wild iris and what appears to be jimson weed.
Appearing several years after the stunning quasi-song-cycle, The Wild Iris, this book shows Gluck venturing into a more operatic mode, replete with arias, duets, recitative, choruses, and re-prises.
He stands there, legs cemented to earth, a wild iris in his left hand and it isn't summer; a bloody rabbit's leg gripped in the right, hunting season has passed: winter litters the ground.
Still, Louise Gluck has searched for God even in despair--and in The Wild Iris, she has found her deity on earth, among the flowers.
The grant will fund the Murray Hill Park restoration as well as a project at Wild Iris Ridge Park, also in the city's southwest hills, next summer.