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A FIELD of wild grass and rare orchids is to be dug up and moved as part of plans to build a new prison.
Its murky water licks at the wild grass throughout Uttar Pradesh, among the most influential Indian states when it comes to politics and culture.
Previous genetic studies indicate, to some scientists, that a subspecies of the wild grass teosinte was the likely ancestor of maize.
based upon the mean value of the observed life cycle of this wild grass (see below, TABLE 1), these late-germinating plants could have begun to ripen within another 30 days, and shed their seeds soon after.
He's been crossing red and white wheats with wild grass relatives to obtain disease-resistant white wheat germplasm for breeders.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning and uprooting of wild grass and small plants between pale fencing & security fencing and 33kv jack bus side at 132kv s/s doharighat & lalgang under electy.
He also directed the officials of Environment Wing to plant seasonal flowers in the medians and trim the wild grass alongwith the avenues and in parks.
The rabbits, which are housed in an outdoor bunny pen, are eating wild grass, which resulted in earless bunny's birth.
A couple of warthogs were also seen scampering away on seeing us, as also the Burchell Zebra nibbling away at the wild grass.
Remarkably, however, he survived on a diet of wild grass and berries.
The three nine-month-old ponies will be brought from their homeland to help the environment by eating the tough wild grass despised by cows and sheep in Kielder Village and Bellingham.
Breeding apomixis into wheat is under way at Utah State University and the ARS Forage and Range Research Unit in Logan, Utah, where university and ARS scientists are working with an apomictic relative of wheat called Australian wheatgrass, Elymus rectisetus, a wild grass native to that country.