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It turns out Enid Blyton's Peter Rabbit really would have fallen asleep in the lettuce patch because wild lettuce contains chemicals that are a sleep enhancer.
OUR humble lettuce, Lactuca sativa is now so diverse, that it is difficult to imagine a clump of wild lettuce growing on a rocky hillside in the Mediterranean.
The names and amazing, medicinal properties of dandelion, Queen Anne's lace, mullein, wild lettuce, wintercress, yarrow, angelica, cattails and more, were all laid out before my eyes.
Hops are a natural sedative and hypnotic - Dogwood Jamaica is a sedative and analgesic - Wild Lettuce is mildly sedative, analgesic and induces sleep - Passiflora is a sedative and induces sleep with spasm breaking and analgesic action - Pulsatilla is a sedative, analgesic, bactericidal and breaks spasms - May cause drowsiness.