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Analyzed sequences of the 5' and 3' termini and restriction sites were identical to the wild-type virus.
Using this approach, a CSF virus was genetically manipulated not only to attenuate it, but also to introduce a genetic marker that can distinguish it from wild-type virus.
The RT PR sequences obtained from the patient are compared to the RTPR sequences of the wild-type virus and examined for mutations at resistance sites.
The pediatricians deemed that rate too high now that the wild-type virus has been eradicated in this country, says Sutter.
Breakthrough vesicular rashes occurring in vaccinees within 14 days of vaccination were typically due to wild-type virus.
When they began their new regimens, 19 of those 24 saw the virus in their blood return to undetectable levels, compared with just one of nine people who did not experience a reversion to the wild-type virus.
Cell culture isolation of virus is not a useful approach to diagnosis, however, because wild-type virus usually replicates poorly in cell culture.
Wild-type virus was detected in 2 patients in paired NW and BAL samples; mutant virus was detected in paired NW and BAL samples in 1 patient.
We found that when the new vaccine, containing gene sequences similar to the wild-type virus, was used in vaccination studies, the vaccinated birds were protected from disease and shed less of the wild-type virus after challenge," says Yu.
One study showed the drug-resistant strains were less pathogenic than wild-type virus, whereas the other study found that the drug-resistant and wild-type viruses had similar pathogenicity.
Virological failures were 11 (7%) versus 5 (3%) with evidence of one case of wild-type virus in both arms and one subject with an emergent PI resistance at failure (10I/V, 48V, 54V, 82A, 84V) in the SQV/r arm.
The risk could take the form of either wild-type virus escaping from a facility or vaccine-derived polioviruses.