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Readers will be most grateful to Fitzsimons, however, for the capsule biographies of the numerous women, some but not all of them lesser-known figures, who surrounded Oscar Wilde and to whom he turned, at different stages of his career, for a variety of kinds of inspiration and even for material support.
I've always wanted to come to Eugene," said Wilde, who is based in Portland with her business and life partner, Chris Minoza, who is Rachelle M.
Wilde successfully cashed a cheque for PS255 and then decided to do the same with a cheque for PS3,223.
Some of these views echo the Oscar Wilde of his previous works -- the innovative socialist, the resolute individualist, the lover of beauty and art--and some are startlingly unexpected, such as Wilde's take on Jesus.
Marty Wilde will be at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl on August 20 at 7.
So began a dizzying series of events which saw Wilde go from prosecutor to defendant to disgraced prisoner in less than 100 days.
Salamensky's overarching claim--and the line of inquiry that seeks to unite her study--is that Wilde was constantly looking for ways to incarnate "the modern" in language.
Not all Wilde scholars will agree with Donohue's decision to leave the Douglas-Wilde translation behind, of course.
As a college student in the 1870s, according to British author Franny Moyle, Wilde dated Florence Balcombe for two years.
When the libel trial against the Marquess of Queensberry began on 3 April 1895, Wilde had two plays running in the West End: An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest.
There always seems to be a good reason why another book on Oscar Wilde is necessary, and this book needs no defence on that count: it is a refreshing, absorbing read, making what many would have thought familiar to be in fact, rich and strange.
More lives than one; the remarkable Wilde family through the generations.