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which has become a slogan synonymous with struggles for independence across history, is particularly apt for the opera Rossini's William Tell, which is on October 25.
WNO's new season opens with a performance of William Tell at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, on September 12.
In the Adventures of William Tell (ITV, 1958/59), our hero, played by Conrad Phillips, first stirs Gessler's wrath by successfully dodging a death sentence when he shoots an arrow through the apple on the head of his son Walter (Richard Rogers).
The jockey sent William Tell to the front a quarter of a mile from home in the Betfred The Bonus King Median Auction Maiden Stakes and kept the 5-1 second favourite up to his work to hold Ticki Tori by two lengths.
Hence, William Tell 2004 has changed and evolved--which is reflected in the profiles being flown and how the teams are scored.
While William Tell highlighted air-to-air combat maneuvers, pilots couldn't launch without support crews.
Burroughs in Mexico writing his first novel, Junk, and killing his lover in William Tell fashion.
International Tire & Rubber Association, Regional Commercial Tire Service Technician Training & Certification Seminar, William Tell Holiday Inn, Countryside (Chicago), IL, ITRA (800) 426-8835 - February 20-21.
This legend is the subject of plays by, among others, Schiller (1804) and of Rossini ' s opera William Tell (1829).
Its programme will include Mendelssohn's Symphony No 3 (the Scottish Symphony) and Rossini's William Tell Overture.
Dozens of people are fed up with the sound of the the William Tell Overture on a section in the Californian desert.
Youthful compositions by Mendelssohn and Bizet as well as Rossini's William Tell Overture - and all that went on concerning the subject's son.