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This competition has left its roots as an air intercept event to become an air superiority event," said Lt Col Edward Nagler, William Tell director.
Tyndall Airmen cheer as one of their F-15s takes off for a night mission during William Tell 2004 at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.
As a result of having proved their ability to provide superior service to the William Tell account Rebel will continue to aggressively pursue the national "rent to own" market.
The five ringing tones tried out on people were the standard ring, ring tone, William Tell Overture, Samba, Persuasion and Kick.
Other TV movies include The Adventures of William Tell, Bush Doctor, Peking Encounter, and Robin Hood: The Movie.
Mick Channon's continued his rich vein of form with a 32-1 double thanks to William Tell and Mahmjra at Southwell yesterday, both of them ridden with great dash by Ted Durcan.
The pieces chosen for the evening were ``Parade of the Charioteers'' from ``Ben Hur''; ``Also Sprach Zarathustra,'' better known as the theme to ``2001''; Wagner's ``The Ride of the Valkyries'' featured prominently in ``Apocalypse Now''; and ``The William Tell Overture,'' which was the theme to ``The Lone Ranger.
F-16 teams placed first and third in a field of eight competing teams in William Tell '94, the U.
When an opponent's flag is captured with the jeep, the trip back to the bunker is accompanied by The William Tell Overture.
A CIRCUS performer shot his wife in the face with a lethal crossbow arrow when their William Tell act went disastrously wrong.
Air Force F-15 Eagle teams and a Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet team took the top five positions in the Air Force's 1992 William Tell Air-to-Air Weapons Meet Oct.
Other lessons, of the aural and visual variety, have covered Puccini's opera ``Madame Butterfly,'' ``The William Tell Overture'' and Bizet's ``Carmen,'' Lynch said.