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A drug that is regularly used to treat Wilson's disease has not worked for Saba and therefore the treatment may require another medicine, possibly imported from abroad.
Based on the results, the proposed nanostructure can be used as a powerful option to decrease copper concentration in the cell and a new therapeutic agent in the treatment of Wilson's disease.
Through its unique mechanism of action, TTM has been shown to rapidly lower and control copper levels in both Wilson's disease and other patients.
Low serum alkaline phosphatase activity associated with severe Wilson's disease.
Abnormal deposition of iron and/or other paramagnetic elements in the CNS also occurs in other hereditary disorders such as hemochromatosis, Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome, and Wilson's disease.
A high index of suspicion: the key to an early diagnosis of Wilson's disease in childhood.
He was found to be free of any history of neuroleptic use, streptococcal infection or any laboratory values suggestive of Huntington's disease, Wilson's disease or other risk factor suggestive of a movement disorder.
Wilson's disease is a rare autosomal recessive trait manifested in the chromosome, 13q14.
The specialty drug company said the FDA will not accept as submitted its new-drug application for oral Coprexa as a treatment for the neurological disorder called Wilson's disease.
Abbey and others from patient organizations for myoclonus, narcolepsy, Wilson's disease, and other rare disorders were beginning to learn the power of the press.
Wilson's disease, the abnormal accumulation of copper in the liver