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In southern Europe, colonies of White-winged Terns were found exceptionally on rice fields (Tomialojc and Van der Winden 1997).
However, this constrains the area, particularly in utilising the skills in profitable sectors and making an easy transition to knowledge-based activities (van Winden and van den Berg, 2004).
More conspicuous are Weaver's own house on the corner of Alexandra Street and Stanley Road, directly opposite the Town Hall; then Lyndcote at 7 Stanley Street; and Winden, a tiny cottage/schoolhouse on the corner of Stanley and Mount Streets.
At the launch of HCC's BVD project were, from left, farmer Phillip Jones, vet Steven Van Winden and project officer Dewi Hughes
Research on female business starters shows a substantial over representation of males among business founders in most countries (de Wit/van Winden 1989; Davidsson 1995; Matthews/Moser 1995, Reynolds et al.
2006; Corfman and Lehmann, 1994; Potters and van Winden, 2000; Roering et al.
Survivors include two sons, David of Homer, Alaska, and Dennis of Florence; two daughters, Karen Clark of Lincoln City and Sherry Klosterman of Oakridge; two sisters, Olga Hovet and Agnes Winden, both of Watford City; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
This suggests that it is likely that one would observe more variation between the average contributions of groups of partners than those of strangers, a result found in Keser and van Winden (2000).
The extent of entrepreneurship has been found to vary systematically across countries and across time (Rees and Shah, 1986; Wit and Van Winden, 1989; Blanchflower and Meyer, 1994; Blanchflower, 2000, 2004).
We hoeven ons daarover niet bijzonder op te winden, omdat je dan vandaag de dag nog steeds handenvol werk zou hebben, ook aan allerlei auteurs van Nederduitse, Nederlandse of wat voor herkomst ook.
Die Vermarkter der Tiefkuhlkost werden dieses Jahr eine Reise in unbekannte Gewasser antreten, und dabei werden erfahrene Seeleute von einfachen Fischern getrennt werden, da Fahigkeiten im Hissen der Segel und Wendemanover bei starken orkanartigen Winden gefragt sind.