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We're excited that our members around the globe are captivated by the mysterious world of Winden, and will now be able to continue to see how the story unfolds.
As Van Winden (80) and Waszink (81) pointed out long ago, the closest Greek parallel to our Chalcidius passage comes from chapter 5 of the Didaskalikos of Alcinoos, a Middle Platonist philosopher roughly contemporary with Galen but about whom, as about Chalcidius, we know almost nothing.
The victims, who were all shot in the head, were James Marsh, Casey Maples, his pregnant girlfriend, and Christina Winden.
According to Der Spiegel, Schutz joined the German intelligence agency BND after the war, and Winden lived comfortably as the head of the in-house legal department of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt.
Diese Bauten sind auch in pragmatisch-praktischer Weise als Schutzvorkehrungen zu Einfriedungen der Hauser und Bewohner vor Winden und Sturmen oder zum Einhegen der Haustiere (auch gegen Wildtiere) denkbar.
Pro Rider Dennis van Winden launched the event at another Maplins store in Leeds.
Application of this theory to entrepreneurship has found empirical support in a number of studies (de Wit and van Winden, 1989; Cooper et al.
Winden et al [52] in his study entitled The Role of European Cities in Knowledge Economy, points out some of the characteristics and conditions of the urban contexts without which acquisition, creation, emission and application of knowledge is not possible.
Deb McGargle, legal director at Washington-based firm Particular Law nominated Ann for the award with supporting references from fellow businesswomen Ruth Winden and Dinah Bennett.
Man konnte annehmen, dass er vom Wort vingerdama sich winden, sich schlangeln herruhrt.
Desde una perspectiva territorial, parece demostrada la tendencia concentradora del conocimiento y de la innovacion en las principales ciudades y aglomeraciones urbanas (Carrillo, 2006; Mendez, Sanchez, Abad & Garcia, 2009; Romeiro & Mendez, 2008; Simmie, Sennett, Wood & Hart, 2002; Winden, Van Berg & Pol, 2007).
M van Winden, 'Idolum and Idolatria in Tertullian', Vigilae Christianae 36 (1982): 103-140.